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Criminal and Prison Law(Legal Aid available)


If you’ve been asked by the police or other public body to attend for an interview under Caution or summonsed or charged with a criminal offence, you do not have to face it alone. The outcome of your Court case might be life changing, even if it is considered trivial or minor by the prosecuting authority (e.g. Crown Prosecution Service, Local Authority, DWP, Transport for London etc.)

With over fourteen years of experience, Debashish Dey handles criminal cases on the front line, operating in both police stations and in the Courts.

Mr Dey can provide specialist advice across a wide range of areas from serious crime to Road Traffic Offences.

Such proceedings can be distressing, so at Landmark Law we aim to provide a clear, direct and practical service.

We will advise you of your right to Legal Aid, likely costs if you cannot get Legal Aid and if you decide to instruct us, get you ready for your interview under Caution or Court appearance and explain the process so you understand what’s happening.

Criminal cases we often handle include:

– Serious crime from Murder to Common Assault; Assault on Police Officers etc

– Driving Disqualification cases

– Road Traffic offences including:

  • Drink driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving without Due Care
  • Defective tyres

– Public Carriage Office licence applications

– Oyster card misuse where fraud is alleged

– Common Assault, Mini-cab Touting, benefit fraud and other offences in Magistrates Court where Legal Aid is refused

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